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As the responsibilities and missions of designers evolve with the times, service designers are emerged with cutting-edge design thinking, working on transformative design in the social, economic and environmental spheres from a human and social perspective. Juncen An is such a service designer and design explorer, who has a strong passion for systemic design and design impact. She specialises in the challenge of breaking the mould within the norm, using design to open up the potential of business models and public services in different contexts.

During my studies at RCA Service Design, I began to reflect on the world we take for granted. Normalisation of our surroundings makes us forget the motivation for change, ignore under-inclusive societies and leave out the unfinished movement of equality. Breaking the norm doesn't have to be a radical action, but rather interventions of the system in the details, just like what service designers are doing.

I have worked with partners including Samsung, NHS and Catch22 to develop design projects in the areas of gig economy, mental wellbeing and social innovation during the past year. Lead by research and insight, my design solutions are always adaptive and involve collaborative action by multiple stakeholders, benefiting the wider community.

Currently, my practice mainly focus on using design strategies to amplify the momentum of sustainable industries, which are related to urban transportation and land restoration. If you are interested in me and my practice, please feel free to contact me.



Royal College of Art - Service Design


Donghua University - Industrial Design



Ode to a Nightingale 英国新锐艺术家作品联展, Shanghai, China



New Horizons Young Designers Exhibition, Zhuhai, China

Art & Design Education FutureLab, Shanghai, China





Co-founder, RE:PEATLAND, London, United Kingdom

UX designer intern, Alibaba Group, Shanghai, China

Creative Designer, Samsung Gan-Z Lab, Part-time

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+44 7599590334 / +86 18301957352

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