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Worked with

Tong Lo (MA/MSc Global Innovation Design)

Puyang Liu (MA Environmantel Architecture)

Ran Duan (MA Interior Design)

Caring for the environment should be a profitable business.

RE:PEAT is a financial service that transforms peatland restoration results into tradable carbon credits. The motivation behind RE:PEAT is to incentivize landowner’s investment in peatland transition projects through creating transparency in peat soil’s carbon portfolio.


Peatland: the neglected land

Despite covering only 3% of the landmass around the globe, known peatlands store at least double the carbon as all standing forests in their near-natural state.

Indonesia is home to over a third of the world’s tropical peatlands. Over a 15-year period (2016-2030), total climate benefits could be approximately 5.5 - 7.8 Gt(gross tonnage) CO2. This range is equivalent to roughly all the greenhouse gases emitted in a year by the United States.

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Mobilising peatland owners

In understanding the key stakeholders of Indonesian peatlands, we see landowners as a critical catalyst to speed up the restoration process. However, there is a lack of standard framework and procedure to support the urgent need for private investment. For small land holders, it is even more difficult to access reliable finance

Opportunity exposure

RE:PEAT highlights the financial value of peatland’s unique power to sequester large amounts of carbon, as well as all its co-benefits.


Peatland assessment

With the service, peatland owners can add the relevant historical and current transition data to work out their impact.


Restoration management

RE:PEAT offers robust project monitoring tools that provide useful cost-revenue-impact analytics for peatland owners to make appropriate adjustments and decisions.


Credit trading

The service transforms restoration results into tradable credits. Meanwhile, climate-focused buyers will be able to invest in reliable, meaningful projects to offset their climate impact.


A frictionless financial experience

Showing peatland owners all the essential data for them to manage their restoration behaviours, such as tax reduction, conversation to carbon credit and the market price for carbon. It includes visualisation of all the essential information and calculations which assist their finance management. Also provides peatland owners an accessible medium to the market of buyers from industry and simple ways to trade online.